Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to the newborn

screaming and crying

draped on his mother’s chest

unaware of the momentous occasion

focused only on surviving


Happy birthday to the six-year-old

excited and laughing

surrounded by party decorations

eager for cake and presents

basking in the attention


Happy birthday to the sixteen-year-old

distant and rebellious

waiting in the DMV

ready to have some freedom

embarrassed when people sing to her


Happy birthday to the twenty-one-year-old

wild and wasted

in a bar with some friends

feeling like she can conquer the world

losing control for just one night


Happy birthday to the thirty-year-old

lost and afraid

alone in her apartment

scared of what lies ahead of her

wishing she was a kid again


Happy birthday to the fifty-year-old

content and secure

celebrating at her favorite restaurant

with her partner and kids

thankful for all that she has


Happy birthday to the eighty-year-old

reflective and thoughtful

perched in a rocking chair

wondering where all her years went

wondering if she spent them well


(p.s. it’s my birthday today ^.^)


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