Why College Scares Me

I have trouble deciding what

flavor ice cream to get because

what if I take one bite of

the mint chocolate chip and realize

that I would’ve much preferred

pistachio when really

I can get ice cream whenever I want so

it shouldn’t be that big of a deal

But I’m 17 years old now and

I need to think about college and

what I want to do with my life

But if I can’t decide between

mint chocolate chip and pistachio how

am I supposed to decide my future?

What if, fifteen years down the road

I’m a neurosurgeon who’s

destined to write a best-seller

but doesn’t know it

Or what if I’m a freelance writer

who can’t pay for neurosurgery at all

They say applying for college is

“an exciting time”

but I hardly agree because

changing careers is a lot more

complicated than simply

getting more ice cream


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